The first of our “light designs”, this bracelet is thinner than our standard bands, but is engineered to withstand all of life’s activities. The classic lines and endearing heart or star accent are sure to make a great impression on your sweetie!

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14K Gold Heart Accent

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Impression Bracelet by E.L. Designs in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Heart accent
Impression Bracelet

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Sterling Silver What is Sterling Silver? , 14K Gold What is 14K Gold? , or Sterling Silver & 14K Gold What is Sterling Silver and 14K Gold? or 14K Rose Gold What is 14K Rose Gold? accents.

E.L. Designs uses sterling silver and 14k gold for a lifetime of wear.

All E.L. Designs Jewelry have our quality insignia hallmark.

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Approximately 1/4" at widest point.

Proper Fit and Sizing

To measure for proper fit, hold the hand and fingers outstretched.

Measure around the wrist, use the following guide for sizing:

6”Ladies’ Small
6 1/2”Ladies’ Medium
7”Ladies’ Large/Men’s Small
7 1/2”Men’s Medium
8”Men’s Large

If you do not have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler, or

Print this handy tape measure:


wrist measurement

When putting on, open the hook clasp, turn to slide the opening over thinnest part of the wrist, then close the clasp.

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