Concentric circles with hand-hammered detail are just the starting point for this incredible pendant. For varienty or color, remove center circle and add Lace Drop, Oval Drop, or Rain Drop interchangeables. <.p>

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Lapis Silver

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Splash Pendant by E.L. Designs in Sterling Silver with Lapis interchangeable
Splash Pendant

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Mix & Match! Order additional Interchangeable Pendants to vary your look.

Includes chain with E.L. hook closure.

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Outer Ring approximately 1 3/4" diameter.

Inner Ring approximately 7/8" diameter.

Rain Drop Interchangeable Gemstone Pendants approximately 1 1/2" Long

Chain Length Sizing

Make sure to take your height, fashion style, and facial features into account when selecting a chain length. For example, taller people may want a longer chain, and some people may prefer more of a "choker" look which would need a shorter chain length.

chains sizing

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