Address: 225 E. Main Street
City: Santa Maria
State: California
Zip: 93454-4402

Create sparkle wherever you go with first-class items from our jewelry store in Santa Maria, California. Fischer's Fine Jewelry of Santa Maria, California, is a jeweler that offers items in a full range of price points from $25 and up. Our inventory includes pieces that are fitted with precious and semiprecious gemstones for added brilliance. When you want something that is completely unique, we create custom jewelry based on your specifications. Years of wear can leave your jewelry in unappealing conditions. Make your favorite pieces look like new again with our repair and restoration service.

At Fischer's Fine Jewelry, we have 100 years of combined experience amongst our jewelers and gemologists. When you visit us, you don't have to spend a lot of money to purchase quality pieces. In addition to higher priced items, we have beautiful sterling silver pieces that are affordably priced. To make you feel comfortable, we maintain a low-key atmosphere. Also, we never intimidate or try to high-pressure you to make a sale.

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